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Top Ten Reasons to Join a Community Study Tour

Everyone is welcome

SCC community study tours involve small groups made up of a few traditional-aged students along with older members of the community, family, friends, and others who want a quality, affordable travel experience that they know is well-planned and includes experienced travel escorts.  Travelers under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Some tours have reasonable age, physical ability, or other restrictions.


We'll do the driving

No wrestling with maps in a foreign language, you can snooze if you're tired, enjoy the scenery, no worrying about which side of the road you're supposed to be on!  . . . and you'll never have to be the "designated driver"


Lots of extras built into the package price

Your tour won't end up costing you twice or three times what you thought it would.  Package prices quoted in advertising or on the internet often don't include many of the activities, ground transfers, tour guides, educational materials, and more, that you'll get with your SCC tour.


A safe trip

Traveling in a group with experienced leaders, tour guides, and drivers is much safer than traveling on your own . . . especially in unfamiliar territories and cultures


You'll learn a lot

Our experienced leaders, who are also professors, and our professional guides provide you with all you'll need to really get the most out of your tour


You'll be well prepared

Our handouts, preview meetings, and access to tour leaders before the tour mean that you'll have everything you need on your tour to enjoy it comfortably.  No worrying about what to bring, what to wear, and which little plug adapter to bring.


The right choices

Your experienced tour leader and travel suppliers will choose hotels, tours, routes, and sites to maximize your experience . . . we've done all the research for you!


Less hassle = more fun

We'll take care of getting you to the hotel, checked in and squared away and on the road to the right locations.  We take care of all those hundreds of little hassles that keep you from enjoying your tour.


You'll be with friends

Travel with folks from your own local community . . . folks you've already met at our preview meetings.  And your SCC tour leader is always right there for you with travel stories, helpful advice, corny jokes, and help when you need it.


Take credit for your experience

Most SCC community study tours offer optional extra credit in Global Cultures, Foreign Language, Biology, Political Science, Anthropology, History, Literature, Art, and/or other mainstream subjects.  Credit is based on independent study before/after the tour and informal learning experiences while on tour.  These credits ordinarily transfer very easily to other colleges and universities.  Students from other colleges are always welcome on our tours.


This page was edited on 05/14/2004

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