France 2000

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Study Tour Leaders: Denise McCracken, Cal Chandler, Kevin Patton

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France 2000 Study Tour group (KPatton photo)Here's the whole group at the Matisse Museum in Nice.  Alex our guide is easily spotted in his trademark red jacket.


Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (KPatton photo)We had a nice, sunny day to visit the newly-cleaned Notre Dame Cathedral (and its many pigeons) just across the River Seine from our hotel.


Eric McCracken busking in Paris (KPatton photo)The group waits on a street corner in Paris for a ride to train station to pick up the TVG to Avignon.  Eric plays the guitar he just bought at a Paris shop, while passersby toss coins into his hat.

Louvre Museum entrance (KPatton photo)The inner courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris.  It features an impressive architectural contrast between the original palace design and the 20th-century glass-pyramid entrance.

Ruins of the bridge at Avignon (KPatton photo)The famous bridge over the River Rhône at Avignon.  Cal Chandler promises each year to dance on the bridge, per the popular French folk song but no one has caught him on film doing so.

Les Palais des Papes in Avignon (KPatton photo)

This courtyard lies outside the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, where several popes in succession reigned --away from the papacy's usual headquarters in Rome.


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